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Naturaliste Vintners




Naturaliste Vintners

Cnr Bussell Hwy & Hairpin Road
Carbunup, Western Australia

Post Office Carbunup River WA 6280

Tel:+61 8 9755 1188

Fax: +61 8 9755 1199

Email: info@naturalistevintners.com

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Senior Consultant, Bruce Dukes B.Sc. Agric UWA; M.Sc. Vitic.Enol. UC Davis.

Naturaliste Vintners consulting services specialise in the complete integration of viticulture with winemaking. The objective is to maximise the quality of fruit for its intended purpose so that winemaking can proceed with minimal intervention and risk. Our strength is fifteen years of experience in vine production and subsequent winemaking, which gives a broad-based understanding of the entire process.

Areas of expertise include:


with special emphasis on

  • Canopy management

  • Balancing crop loads to vine capacity and winemaking objectives

  • Integrated pest and disease management

  • Vine nutrition and soil health

The objective is to significantly improve the quality of your grapes and wines by applying management techniques which focus on critical control points in viticulture and winemaking.


Assessing the suitability of existing or potential vineyard sites for optimal production in relation to:

  • Wine styles

  • Varieties

  • Production potential

  • Infrasctructure

  • Sustainability

Outsourcing of expert advice is a cost effective method to improve the quality of your vineyards and wines. Investments in expert advice will be reflected on your balance sheet at the end of the year through increased returns and long-term stability.