Since moving my winemaking to Naturaliste Vintners I have enjoyed the results of great winemaking as well as the full transparency of the winemaking process and costs from before the vintage starts until completion of bottling. Bruce, Remi and the rest of the team have made for the smoothest vintages I have experienced, and I have full trust in the winemaking decisions made for my wines.

John Small
Smallwater Estate


Naturaliste Vintners have been making wine for Brash Vineyard for the past five years. Under the astute guidance and creative input of Bruce Dukes and Remi Guise, Brash Vineyard wines are quickly winning a reputation for class and elegance. While we may grow great fruit, it can’t get into the glass without the wonderful, focused touch that Naturaliste Vintners team bring to the process. 

Chris Carter
Brash Vineyard



NV have produced all our wine since our first vintage in 2013. Our brief to Bruce was simple and has remained the same since our first meeting - We will do the best we can in the vineyard and we want you to do likewise in the winery, we do not want a wine to win competitions or to please tasters but a wine that is a true expression of our Pemberton site that people want to drink. 

Many express the view that wine is produced in the vineyard and not the winery. Our experience is that is not true and it is equally as hard to make the wine as it is to cultivate the vine. The cultivation of vines is mainly physical and exposed to the increasingly extreme uncontrollable conditions be it weather events, insects, birds or fire. Vinification and maturation is more complex and technical where every choice made has an impact on the wine that ends up in the bottle. To make the best possible wine from the site rather than a once off event is a constant improvement process year by year hence requires close interaction between the vineyard and winery.

It is an achievement to even produce grapes some years let alone great grapes and if anything then goes wrong in the cellar all that effort is meaningless, who is trusted with your grapes each year is the most important decision for a wine producer. Bruce and Remi have provided Below&Above with their vast experience, knowledge and modern purpose built facility to nail the initial brief for every vintage to date (13-17).

We have no hesitation in recommending NV to any wine producer.

John and Kia Klepec



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